Public Address Systems

With experience in public address (PA) systems, we specialize in offering professional solutions for speech, music reproduction, and voice evacuation. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we prioritize user experience by designing intuitive interfaces for seamless interaction and integration with third-party products. Our comprehensive portfolio covers the entire signal chain, including loudspeakers, microphones, electronics, and more, offering one-stop solutions for diverse applications. Opting for our partners' public address systems guarantees exceptional performance tailored to accommodate any size of application.

Public Address and Voice Alarm Systems

As a global leader in public address and voice alarm (PAVA) systems, we recognize the critical role these solutions play in addressing security and safety concerns. From microphones and call stations to mixers/amplifiers, controllers, and loudspeakers, our certified systems cover the entire signal chain, providing flawless clear paging and high-quality audio playback throughout buildings. We comprehensive range of systems and components, and we deliver trusted solutions to customers around the globe.

Commercial Audio Systems

Aliefs with its partners, has maintained a global reputation for the quality and reliability of its commercial audio products. Our high-performance music and public address systems offer various control methods and speaker types tailored to the specific needs of retail and hospitality settings. Our focus is on transforming these environments, enhancing opportunities for business owners, and elevating brand value while delivering a unique customer experience.


Aliefs, provides an extensive selection of professional loudspeaker solutions, delivering superior sound quality at a competitive price point for every scenario. Our portfolio includes cabinet, column, active line-array, ceiling, sound projector, and horn models, certified voice alarm installations, speech, and background/foreground music. To seamlessly integrate into any environment, we offer customized colours based on the RAL Classic palette. With a variety of form factors available, you have the flexibility to meet the budget and application needs of your next project with precision.

IP loudspeakers and amplifier

Business facilities and institutions rely on perimeter monitoring to enhance safety and prevent trespassing, theft, and vandalism proactively. Likewise, large venues prioritize maintaining order and ensuring rapid and clear dissemination of public safety or informational announcements. Our horn loudspeakers and amplifier modules seamlessly integrate into Video Management Systems (VMS) compliant with the ONVIF standard. Additionally, they serve as integral components of SIP-based solutions, offering full support for SIP cloud-based server providers.

Wired and Wireless Microphones

Our microphone solutions range combines elegant design with robust build quality, offering various form factors, pickup patterns, and capsule types to optimize voice sound at the input end of your public address system.

From cable-free desktop microphones for tidy work areas to handhelds for versatile mobility, and headworn models for hands-free operation, we have a wireless solution tailored to your specific needs.


OMNEO represents an architectural approach facilitating IP connectivity among devices to exchange information, encompassing audio content and device control. Leveraging various technologies including IP and open public standards, OMNEO supports current technologies like Audinate’s Dante™, AES67, AES70, and SMPTE ST 2110-30, while remaining adaptable to future advancements.

OMNEO serves as a standards-based professional media networking solution, delivering high-quality multi-channel media transmission and robust system control through standard Ethernet IP networks. It empowers the development of audio products capable of seamless cooperation and audio signal exchange using industry-standard IP digital network equipment.